Ariel Harris

Assistant to the Deputy Director of Operations for the Equal Justice Initiative

Ariel Harris coordinates meetings and workflow by managing the Deputy Director of Operations’ calendar, scheduling meetings, preparing materials and research while offering administrative and hands-on support for projects. She also represents EJI at community events and conducts exclusive tours of the National Memorial of Peace and Justice and Legacy Museum for special guests. Her greatest professional achievement has been having the opportunity to work and grow with an organization that prioritizes assisting people in the community who lack access to essential resources such as healthcare, food, shelter, and transportation, amongst many other necessities that are needed for living an adequate lifestyle. She is also involved with EJI’s Hunger Relief Program and is a licensed Funeral Director.


Key to Success: To be successful, one must determine what they want, devise a plan, implement it, and be consistent in their efforts to achieve the ultimate goal and get there no matter what.


Guilty Pleasure: Seafood


High School Superlative: Best All-Around


Childhood Aspirations: I wanted to be a Forensic Pathologist, however, I found myself being more intrigued with Mortuary Science, which I later ended up obtaining a degree and two certifications in.


First Job: Talbots Clothing Store


Best Advice: As the saying goes, nothing worth having comes easily, and the things that have lasting value demand hard work, effort, perseverance, and dedication. Make sure you have room for the things you pray for because even if they haven’t come yet, they are on their way to you, so act and move as if those prayers have already been answered.


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: My mother. I have always considered her to be my greatest motivator, my biggest supporter, and my biggest cheerleader throughout my life. Whenever I’ve felt low on fuel and wanted to give up, my mom has always fueled me back up and pushed me to do my best and be my best at whatever I set my mind to.


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