Blake Lawley

Owner of 334 Property Management

Since February 2017, Blake Lawley has been focusing on the growth strategy and financials to lead the company forward. Through 334 Property Management, Lawley has bought a portfolio of 59 homes and successfully flipped the portfolio in three years to profit over $1 million. The team has employee appreciation days once a quarter where all of the employees are off work and get together to enjoy each other’s company outside of the office. During these free days, the team actively volunteers at local nonprofit organizations to contribute to the community.


Key to Success: Always having a positive, glass half full attitude no matter the circumstance. Always looking for the good and/or positive of each situation I encounter. And never staying frustrated or upset for more than 5 minutes


Guilty Pleasure: Fresh, warm donuts


Achievements: Was named the Alabama Old Spice Defensive Player of the year his senior year for football.


Childhood Aspiration: Veterinarian or Zookeeper


First Job: Picking peaches and working on a farm back in Chilton County.


Best Advice: Reflect on 3 things every morning that you are grateful for, and visualize your big goals as being accomplished before you start your day. This will put you in the best headspace to be successful.


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: My parents are definitely the reason and biggest influence for my career success. They always told me I could be whatever I wanted to be and told me not to put limitations on myself. They always pushed me to be better than average at anything I did and this really helped build my drive and confidence.


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