Jefferson Jones

Systems Administrator II at Jackson Thornton

Jefferson Jones is responsible for handling technical issues and automating system processes, along with ensuring timely upgrades and installations, configuring application software, providing tech support and more. Outside of the office, Jones leads two non-profit organizations that aim to enhance the living conditions of residents in West Montgomery. He also serves on Montgomery’s Parks and Recreation Board and is a committee member for the Office of Violence Prevention’s Stop the Violence team.


Key to Success: My keys to success is having faith in God and my passion to give back to the community to create a positive impact.


Guilty Pleasure: My guilty pleasure is watching classic films and indulging in exquisite seafood dishes.


Childhood Aspirations: I wanted to be a scientist.


First Job: My first job was working on a maintenance crew for the YMCA


Best Advice: “Give a 100% in everything that you do.”


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: The biggest influence on my personal and career growth is my family. They have always supported me, encouraged me, and inspired me.


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