Rachel Stewart

Chief Experience Officer at Guardian Credit Union

Rachel Stewart began working at Guardian in 2012 and was promoted to Chief Experience Officer in January of 2023. Her main roles consist of storytelling, building connections and seeking opportunities to improve membership experience. She also works with the Marketing team, Card Portfolio and Digital Banking.


Key to Success: Surround yourself with people that you can learn from and that will support you.


Guilty Pleasure: Cookie cake from Great American Cookie Company with extra white icing.


Childhood Aspirations: I still think it would be cool to be a Marine Biologist and dive with the sharks to learn more about them.


First Job: Chappys Deli. I started bussing tables at 14 and worked there for many years through college. I am often still recognized as “that Chappys girl.”


Best Advice: Don’t be afraid of failure. As long as your intentions are good, learn from your mistakes and do better next time. Not everyone is allowed a margin for error, expectations are generally to get it right the first time or not bother to do it all. You won’t find growth in that mentality for your business or personally.


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: My husband Michael has been the biggest influence to help me grow both professionally and personally. With four small children at home, it is not easy for us to both have successful careers and a family. Without his support and encouragement, I wouldn’t be where I am at today.


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