Anne Jones

Business Partner and Fitness Instructor at Pike Road Group Fitness

Anne Jones’ main role at Pike Road Group Fitness includes instructing fitness classes and partnering with Maggie Dwyer to make sure they are offering the best group fitness membership. Jones teaches daily classes to the local community and offers pop-up classes within neighborhoods and businesses like Lululemon, Local and Bloom and Junktiques.


Key to Success: PRGF’s business statement is to glorify God by creating a community that is healthy in body and strong in spirit. Maggie and I desire to live this out everyday as we serve and love our members.


Guilty Pleasure: Hot, epsom salt baths after a good/hard workout, chocolate and, of course, margaritas with chips and queso.


High School Superlative: Most Friendly


Childhood Aspirations: A nurse


First Job: Chick-fil-A team member and babysitter


Best Advice: One thing I love that my husband tells our four kids: be kind, be grateful and work hard all to the glory of God.


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: This is tough to narrow down. I believe life experience in general allows for us to grow and gain wisdom if we are willing to receive it. My parents and husband are huge cheerleaders in this fun business endeavor, which is both helpful and very encouraging. Most importantly, Maggie Dwyer, my business partner has been so influential. She is fun, hard working and incredibly kind. We laugh so much! I love that she has allowed me to come alongside her and do this together. She has been one of the greatest influences in my life, because without her, I would not be where I am with PRGF today!


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