Ja’Mese Hawkins

Revenue Branch Supervisor and REALTOR®/Associate Broker, Garth Realty Group

Ja’Mese Hawkins supervises the day-to-day operations of the Revenue Satellite Branch and assists the principal broker with overseeing real estate agents. She also assists with training new agents and manages a team of agents. She was named The Mayor’s First Young Professional of the Year in 2023. She is a commissioner with the Montgomery Housing Authority and President of the WWDR Neighborhood Association, working as a liaison between neighbors and local police officers to help resolve issues within the community. She volunteers with various organizations and received the Montgomery County Award of distinction for outstanding community service.


Key to Success: Having an intimate relationship with God and trusting the purpose that He has for my life. I put my heart into my work and also remain consistent, constantly learning and training and providing excellent service to clients. Being honest and fair has taken me a long way.


Guilty Pleasure: Endulging in Seafood


High School Superlative: Homecoming Queen and Youth of the year for the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Central Alabama


Childhood Aspirations: Pediatric Nurse


First Job: Jr. Leader at the William Kidd Franklin Boys & Girls Club


Best Advice: “Hit the ground running.” Utilizing this advice has been very helpful for me. I did not allow fear, procrastination, second guessing or anything else stop me from achieving my goals.


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: The love, support and motivation that I receive from my family is unmatched. My family is committed to my success and has been very instrumental in in my growth. I can honestly say that I can’t do it without them.


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