Bobby Gillespie

Manager at Gillespie Tire & Automotive

Bobby Gillespie became the 3rd generation manager of his family business in 2011 after his father became the mayor of Prattville. As a small business manager, he wears many hats, but his main role is inspiring, guiding and influencing the team towards a common goal. He has been successful in continuing his family’s legacy, achieving year over year growth. Over the years, Gillespie has served on the YMCA’S Emerging Leaders board and participated in the American Cancer Society’s Real Men Wear Pink campaign. He currently sits on the board of Prattville Country Club and Prattville First Methodist Church and helps coach his children’s tee-ball teams.


Key to Success: I believe that through hard work, determination, sacrifice, training, surrounding myself with successful people in and out of my industry, and countless hours implementing what I have learned from the training and others, I was able to turn Gillespie Tire & Automotive into the business it is today.


Guilty Pleasure: I have a lot of expensive hobbies (hunting, fishing, golfing) that my wife allows me to get away with, in my limited amount of time.


High School Superlative: Most Outgoing


Childhood Aspirations: I wanted to be a race car driver or professional golfer.


First Job: Grounds crew at Prattville Country Club


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: My family. My dad showed me what hard work was and how to support your family. He also gave me the opportunity to follow in his and my grandfather’s footsteps. My mother always supports me no matter what. My wife gave me the confidence to take on this role at a young age. My kids give me the fuel to keep going and understand failure is not an option in anything I do.


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