Tamara Hartley

Program Manager at Leadership Montgomery

Tamara Hartley oversees two prestige leadership programs, Legacy and Torchbearers. She plans, manages and executes all accounts, communication and events related to the programs. Her time with Leadership Montgomery has allowed her to see Montgomery through a different lens, and as a 2024 Montgomery Chamber Ambassador, she plans to be more intentional with her involvement, connections and service. Her biggest accomplishment was obtaining her Real Estate License and taking the journey of full-time entrepreneurship  as a single mother. Through her journey, she learned invaluable lessons about herself and business.


Key to Success: My idea of success is taking the risk to do the things that scare you because on the other side of fear lies freedom. Also being aligned with your purpose, setting SMART goals, and executing. It is a work in progress, but when we put in the work, work gets done.


Guilty Pleasure: Watching “Grey’s Anatomy” over and over as if it is my first time watching while eating Chipotle.


High School Superlative: Best Hair


Childhood Aspirations: NICU Registered Nurse – I would watch “A Baby Story” on the TLC channel just knowing that was going to be my career.


First Job: Cashier at Church’s Chicken


Best Advice: “It is okay to want THE things in life, whatever that may be for you – but ask yourself ‘Who do I need to become to obtain it?’ “If what you are doing is working, why don’t you already have it?’ “What, who is holding you back…BECOME!’”


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: My children, Evan (11) and Montrevious (19), are my biggest influences. Times in life where it just seems to be “too hard to do” knowing they are watching helps me to keep going personally and professionally.


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