Caitlin Cobb

Associate Litigation Attorney at Capell & Howard

Caitlin Cobb practices in the areas of civil rights and constitutional claims, employment matters and general insurance defense. She began her career with Capell & Howard as a summer clerk in before becoming an Associate after taking the Alabama Bar Exam. As an Associate, she handles cases from pre-suit all the way through trial while communicating with clients and protecting their interests. She is a member of the Alabama Leadership Initiative’s Class V, whose program focused on learning more about and bettering the state, and serves as a fellow with the Blackburn Institute. Additionally, she is a member of the First United Methodist Church’s Board of Trustees.


Key to Success: However boring it may sound, my key to success is staying organized. I am notorious for carrying around my handwritten to-do list on a beat-up legal pad.


Guilty Pleasure: Watching “the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” or “Vanderpump Rules” with a nice glass of Sauvingon Blanc.


High School Superlative: Most Likely to be President


Childhood Aspirations: When I was four years old, I wanted to be a paleontologist; however, becoming an attorney was always on the backburner because of my parents’ involvement in the political and legal fields.


First Job: I worked for the Stuart McMillian, a member of the Scottish Parliament, in Edinburgh, Scotland during college.


Best Advice: My mom recently shared this advice, “Help people, even when it is inconvenient, help people.” I believe this can be applicable in anyone’s career; however, it’s applicable especially in the legal field, and I try to keep that in mind everyday.


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: My mom is certainly my biggest influence, both personally and professionally. Because she was a judge my entire life, I was always interested in getting into the legal field. Now that I’m here, she is the best mentor, especially in conversations with her before I’m about to appear in court.


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