L.J. Walker

Founder and CEO of Better Than Average Tutoring

L.J. Walker has been involved in tutoring since 3rd grade and founded Better Than Average Tutoring in 2019. He is responsible for directing and overseeing the overall success of the company’s efforts and was able to grow his local tutoring agency into an award-winning Top Tutoring Center in the area with over 10,000 tutoring sessions conducted. He is actively engaged in the community, partnering with schools and local organizations to offer tutoring services.


Key to Success: My key to success lies in consistency. I believe in showing up each day, even when faced with challenges. I constantly strive to improve, adapt, and innovate. My commitment is to become a better version of myself every day, recognizing that success is a marathon, not a race.


High School Superlative: Most Likely to Be Famous


Childhood Aspirations: I aspired to be a judge, work in Information Technology or own a school.


First Job: Cutting grass


Best Advice: The best advice I’ve ever received is from Denzel Washington, “Be careful what you ask for because when you pray for rain, you have to deal with the mud as well.”


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: The biggest influences on my personal and career growth are my mom and God. My mom embodies qualities such as hard work, innovation, entrepreneurship, care and kindness. God, for continually doing the unimaginable.


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