Shelby Shubird

Director of Digital Operations at exploreMedia

Shelby Shubird has worked with exploreMedia in various areas since March 2016. When the company shifted into the digital media sphere in addition to their print publications, she was instrumental in implementing exploreMedia’s Digital Operations and is now the Director of all things digital from onboarding new clients and systems to strategizing and launching campaigns. Outside of the office, she serves on the Board of Family Promise.


Key to Success: Going the extra mile and doing things outside my job description and always being willing to learn something new and help out. I really think that’s what has helped me grow at exploreMedia.


First Job: I worked at Merle Norman in Eastdale Mall.


Best Advice: The best advice I’ve ever received is to embrace the value of hard work and dedication. Putting in consistent effort and staying committed to your goals can lead to incredible achievements and personal growth.


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: I would have to say my boss, Pam Mashburn, has been the biggest influence in my career. She’s placed a great deal of trust in me throughout my time at exploreMedia, encouraging my professional growth. From beginning as a Graphic Designer creating magazine ads at exploreMedia to now contributing to the substantial growth and transformation of our digital operations, Pam’s guidance has been instrumental over the last eight years I’ve been at exploreMedia.


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