Daniel Towns

Accounting Manager at Montgomery Regional Airport (MGM)

Daniel Towns manages components of the accounting and financial operations at the Montgomery Regional Airport. He is tasked with developing and managing budgets, as well as creating financial forecasts for each department at MGM. Before branching into the finance sector of his career, Towns was a civilian pilot while serving in the military. MGM started an initiative that partners with Martin Luther King Elementary to provide exposure to youth that may not otherwise have the opportunity to visit an airport and inspire the students to think about careers in aviation, whether that be in maintenance, airport operations or finance.


Key to Success: Never being afraid of new challenges and hard work.


Guilty Pleasure: Pizza and french fries


High School Superlative: Most Likely to Travel the World: I have a love for adventure and by serving in the military I’ve been afforded the opportunity to explore different parts of the world.


Childhood Aspirations: I had a deep interest in the aviation field, so I naturally wanted to be a pilot.


First Job: I joined the U.S. Airforce at 17 years old.


Best Advice: Never quit and follow your dreams.


Biggest Influence Personally & Professionally: My family has been the biggest influence on my personal and career growth because they have provided me with a foundation of love, support and values that have shaped who I am today. Growing up, the encouragement and guidance I received from my family instilled in me a strong work ethic, a sense of responsibility and the importance of perseverance.


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